Do all the interns get Glocks?

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Humpback mother whale resting, by Bryant Austin

Celisse Müller, Hot Rides SF
photo by Cortney Cassidy

Thomas Hoepker ~  Chicago, 1966

Now Is All You Have.
Alan Watts

A 1914 photo of Ishi, the last native North American to live completely outside of modern Western society. In 1911, with no surviving family members, he emerged from “the wild” near Oroville, California. He was the last member of the Yahi, themselves the last surviving group of the Yana people. He died in 1916 of tuberculosis.
Ishi simply means “man” in the Yana language; when asked his name, Ishi responded: “I have none, because there were no people to name me.”

Chris David, Government Street Tattoo Victoria BC